Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for ‘REAL Properties Promotions’

1. REAL Properties Promotions’ is not into sole selling OR into marketing, It just promote properties.

2. REAL Properties Promotions’ is pune first property Promotion Company. It do not represent any sellers directly or indirectly. And do not function as a broker. But charges a reasonable fee.

3. All are welcome! Anyone can registered the property with  REAL Properties Promotions’ which will be promoted through the website, social medias and other latest marketing ideas ( Not to be disclosed as per the policy of the promoters). All builders, developers, agents, buyers and sellers are welcome to be part of this service. Properties will be promoted only after the terms & conditions by us are agreed.

4. The property registered by the advertisers of the magazine ‘Real Properties’ will always be given more advantage over other registrations.

5.  No guarantee for sale or finalisation of deal will be given to any property seller listed with us.

6. The sellers can send the properties through the website but promoting the properties through the website or rejecting the properties the right is reserved by Real Properties Promotions.

7. Full affords will be taken by the promoters to promote the properties all over the world. The final decisions to finalise the property will be of the buyers. The promoter will not force any buyers to buy a particular property.

8.  REAL Properties Promotions will not be directly or indirectly part of any deal it will take care by the associates, appointed agents etc.

9. The buyers should take full care while signing any legal documents. A professional legal advisor should always be consulted.

10. REAL Properties Promotions will also assist in providing home loans, legal advice through finance consultant registered with us.

11. The buyers & sellers register with us are free to register with any other property marketing companies Or websites.

12. REAL Properties Promotions’ will not agree on any time frame to sell the property. 

13. The sellers are requested not to register any property which is into litigation and is not been sold for many years for various reasons.

14. REAL Properties Promotions’ will not register any property which the seller is trying to sell at a higher price than the market rate.

15 REAL Properties Promotions’ will not be responsible for any delay in possession from any builder for any reasons. The buyers should make it clear form the builders on possession date and other queries.

Please Note:  We welcome everyone to give us suggestions on our promotions which will help us to achieve our goal faster.